Ten Prompts to Help You Break in Your Journal.

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You’ve spent a few lovely hours in your favourite book or stationery store and come home with a beautiful new journal. In fact it’s so beautiful, you are having a hard time writing or drawing in it.  Yvonne Hanson gives us some tips for making that journal your own.


Ten Prompts to Help You Break in Your Journal.

by Yvonne Hanson

It can be difficult to get over that initial feeling of “this journal is so clean and new I don’t want to write in it”. These prompts are designed to help you break in your new journal so that it feels like a part of you and not a part of the store you bought it from.


Use paper and tape to make tabs to mark sections. Ex: class notes, written journal entries, quotes, etc.


Glue different ribbons along the sides of some of the pages so that they can be seen when the book is shut.


Paint a few two-page spreads with solid colours so that when you find things to Glue into your journal, they will have a nice background ready for them.


Write your name, address, and phone number on the inside cover in case the book is lost. Underneath, record the description of the journal you were using before, so that they can be read chronologically.


Paint the edges of the notebook, I like to paint them gold.


Bend the cover and spine to loosen them, open the book far enough that the covers touch.


Cut a few things out of newspaper that represent the day you started the book. This helps put your thoughts and experiences in context. Ex: Your horoscope, newest scientific findings, an article that mentions current government leaders.


Add pockets to the front and back of the book. This can be done using envelops, paper bags, or cardstock.


Draw a picture of yourself in your favourite outfit, with an expression that matched your general mood. List what you are wearing in the picture and how you are feeling. This helps to provide context for who you were when the journal was created.


Make a page to document the stationary you will be using throughout the journal. Include samples of your favourite pens, pencils, paints, and papers

What are some of your favourite journal tricks? Leave a comment!

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