How long does it take?

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How long does it take?

You’re planning to launch your website in the new year.

Did you know it could take up to 3 months from first contact with a web development company? Depending on how much content and what kinds of features you’re hoping for, web projects can take a lot longer than most people know. Below is a brief guide:

1. Simple Website

A simple website with a few introductory pages and a blog can sometimes be up and ready for launch within 3 weeks of receipt of your content and photos. Goodwin Studios often suggests using the Squarespace system for websites like this. Not only can they be built quickly, they also satisfy smaller budgets and look incredibly smart and beautiful.

If a client wants a simple website but would prefer a unique design, we need to add time for the design staff to work their magic. This would include initial layouts, approval process, and final photoshop documents for the programmer. Add a minimum of 3 weeks for this phase. As custom designed website also requires more programming time – so add another 3 weeks for that phase.

2. Non- simple Website

This website will have a lot of content – over 20 pages. Or it might want a store setup. Or it might be an old website that needs to be transferred over to a new platform. Or it might want to incorporate galleries which would require photo selection and optimization. Or it might be an amazing project that requires major design including branding.

We advise our clients to plan 8+ weeks for projects of this scope.

If you have a website project in mind, we recommend allowing yourself a 3 month window from concept to launch. What this means is if you hope to be launched by spring, best to contact us during the early weeks of January.

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