10 Journal Prompts to Help Guide Healthy Eating

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10 Journal Prompts to Help Guide Healthy Eating

Trying to improve your eating styles, recipes and selections? Believe it or not, studies have shown that over half the population believe doing taxes is easier than figuring out how to eat healthy. And given that most of us consume near one ton of food a year, It’s an important thing to sort out!  When Yvonne wanted to improve her diet and habits, she used her journal to help.

Suddenly eating healthy becomes a creative thing and something you’ll look forward to.


by Yvonne Hanson

1) Make a venn diagram with your favourite foods on one side, healthiest foods you can think of on the other side, and healthy foods you love in the middle.

2) Get hold of some second-hand cookbooks and cooking magazines. Cut out recipes and keep them in a pocket in your journal. Dedicate a few pages for pasting in the recipes you’re most likely to make.

3) Draw and colour little doodles of your favourite healthy raw ingredients. Next time you are shopping for food, remember to pick up some of the things that you drew.

4) Make a collage with the labels from foods that you are proud to eat and enjoy. It will be easier to collage with tiny cut-out sections rather than the whole label.

5) Divide the page into columns. At the top of each column, list a meal you like to cook for yourself. Below each meal, brainstorm additional ingredients that could improve the original meal. Try to replace unhealthy components of the meal with healthier counterparts. Highlight ingredients that appear in multiple columns and keep them in mind next time you are shopping.

6) Make a list of food-related goals. Ie. cook dinner at home at least twice a week, eat at least one vegetarian meal per day, etc. Put a tally next to the goal for every step you take towards achieving it.

7) If you’re journalling at night, try to remember everything you’ve eaten during the day and make a list. Highlight items on the list that you are proud to have eaten. Take a moment to reflect and congratulate yourself for the healthy choices you have made.

8) Make a list of your favourite dips, sauces, and condiments. Pick out a few that seem easiest to make and find recipes for them that use healthy foods and raw ingredients. List the ingredients in your journal and keep them in mind next time you buy groceries.

9) Draw some of your favourite cooking herbs. Beside each herb, make a list of the dishes that taste best with it. Put a checkmark beside each dish after you’ve made it.

10) Brainstorm a list of the benefits and desired outcomes of eating healthy. For each item on the list, dig a little deeper and describe why it is beneficial. For example, beside “better nutrition” you might write about the downsides of poor nutrition.

YVONNE HANSON is a creative living, learning and loving in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia. Yvonne’s articles can be found on her Tumblr – click here